Bradford Open   

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This site stores all results from all World Billiards events. It also has the most recent Ranking List and Order of Merit.

If you want to see the details of any tournament in this or last season, then use the dropdown on the right of the green banner above. Once you have selected a tournament then you can drill down by using the View menu. For the full list of tournaments (all years) click Tournaments.

Please note that the Order of Merit page now shows all tournaments in the season. To see the latest you may need to scroll right using the (horizontal) scrollbar at the bottom of the page. The page is however untidily formatted – please bear with me until I get this fixed.


Group Tables

We have clarified and updated the Group Tables.  The columns and calculations have been modified to makes things clearer. For examples, use the two World Championship Group Tables because these cover both formats. See here for the long format and here for the short format.

There are two areas (group and draw positions) and two formats (timed and frame-based) which all conspire to complicate the situation. Therefore I’ll cover them in detail below.